Puzzles and Games

Need a little time to wind down and exercise your brain? Template Trove offers a variety of games and puzzles for free.

Puzzles and games include: Mazes, Sudoku, Word Search, Alphabet Soup, Cryptogram Puzzles and more.

Many puzzles are availabe in a variety of difficulty levels and topics. Answer keys are included for each and every puzzle. Plus, all are printable on standard letter size paper.

Featured Puzzles and Games


Word Search Printable Puzzles - Printable Word Search Puzzles with a variety of topics. Solutions are included for each puzzle. These are our most difficult word find puzzles. We will be adding other levels of word search puzzles, so check back soon.

Word Search Printable Puzzles

Word Search Printable Puzzles

Easy Word Search Printable Puzzles


Sudoku Printable Puzzles - Large Print Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles with five difficulty levels.

Sudoku Printable Puzzles

Sudoku for Beginners

Sudoku Easy

Sudoku Medium

Sudoku Hard

Sudoku Expert


Free Printable Mazes - Available in three difficulty levels, simple, easy and hard.

Printable Mazes

Simple Mazes

Easy Mazes

Hard Mazes


Printable Puzzles and Games - Printable Alphabet Soup, Cryptogram, Word Search and more. All puzzles and games have the answer key on page 2 of PDF.


Printable Puzzles and Games


Printable Christmas Puzzles and Games

Christmas Alphabet Soup Puzzles

Christmas Cryptogram Puzzles

Christmas Dittos Puzzles

Christmas Piece-by-Piece Puzzles

Christmas Word Search Puzzles


Printable New Year's Puzzles and Games

New Year's Alphabet Soup Puzzles

New Year's Cryptogram Puzzles

New Year's Dittos Puzzles

New Year's Piece-by-Piece Puzzles

New Year's Word Search Puzzles


Printable Valentines Puzzles and Games

Valentines Alphabet Soup Puzzles

Valentines Cryptogram Puzzles

Valentines Dittos Puzzles

Valentines Piece-by-Piece Puzzles

Valentines Word Search Puzzles


Printable Baby Shower Puzzles and Games

Baby Shower Alphabet Soup Puzzles

Baby Shower Cryptogram Puzzles

Baby Shower Dittos Puzzles

Baby Shower Piece-by-Piece Puzzles

Baby Shower Word Search Puzzles



Baby shower games are an essential part of any baby shower. Our free games include editable templates in Corel Draw, Publisher, InDesign and Word formats. Editable template in Corel Draw, Publisher, Word, InDesign and Word formats. Answer keys provided on page 2.

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Game I
Baby Shower Game II


Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

Fully editable bridal shower games in Word, InDesign, Publisher and Corel Draw formats. Answer key on page 2.

Bridal Shower Game I
Bridal Shower Game II

Bridal Shower Game III

Bridal Shower Games IV