Miscellaneous Templates

The templates on this page didn't fit into our main categories. You will find awesome, useful templates of a wide variety on this page. Baby  shower games and invitations, bridal shower games, checklist templates, Christmas lists, daily planners, grocery lists, moving checklist, resumes, cover and thank you letters,  a wide variety of free clipart and more. Many of these items are printables, but some have editable templates also.

Featured Miscellaneous Templates


Printable Puzzles and Games - Printable Alphabet Soup, Cryptogram, Word Search and more. All puzzles and games have the answer key on page 2 of PDF.


Printable Puzzles and Games


Printable Christmas Puzzles and Games

Christmas Alphabet Soup Puzzles

Christmas Cryptogram Puzzles

Christmas Dittos Puzzles

Christmas Piece-by-Piece Puzzles

Christmas Word Search Puzzles


Printable New Year's Puzzles and Games

New Year's Alphabet Soup Puzzles

New Year's Cryptogram Puzzles

New Year's Dittos Puzzles

New Year's Piece-by-Piece Puzzles

New Year's Word Search Puzzles


Printable Valentines Puzzles and Games

Valentines Alphabet Soup Puzzles

Valentines Cryptogram Puzzles

Valentines Dittos Puzzles

Valentines Piece-by-Piece Puzzles

Valentines Word Search Puzzles


Printable Baby Shower Puzzles and Games

Baby Shower Alphabet Soup Puzzles

Baby Shower Cryptogram Puzzles

Baby Shower Dittos Puzzles

Baby Shower Piece-by-Piece Puzzles

Baby Shower Word Search Puzzles





Baby shower games are an essential part of any baby shower. Our free games include editable templates in Corel Draw, Publisher, InDesign and Word formats. Editable template in Corel Draw, Publisher, Word, InDesign and Word formats. Answer keys provided on page 2.

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Game I
Baby Shower Game II

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

Fully editable bridal shower games in Word, InDesign, Publisher and Corel Draw formats. Answer key on page 2.

Bridal Shower Game I
Bridal Shower Game II

Bridal Shower Game III

Bridal Shower Games IV

Lineup cards

Lineup Card Templates

These lineup cards are made for baseball and softball. Easy to edit and includes a template pre-filled with players, numbers and positions.

Lineup Card Template


Resume Templates

Resume Templates

Word resume templates including chronological, functional and combination varieties. InDesign format also available. Cover letters and thank you letters complete your resume ensemble.

Resume Templates
Resume Templates II
Resume Cover Letters
Thank You Letters


recipe card templates

Recipe Card Templates

Editable recipe cards in Corel Draw, InDesign, Publisher and Word formats.

Recipe Card Template I
Recipe Card Template II

diploma templates

Diploma Templates

Diploma templates can be used for a variety of occasions such as kindergarten or pre-school graduation diplomas, certification or degree certificates, course completion certificates, graduation diplomas and more.

Diploma Template 1A

Diploma Template 1B

List Templates and Printables

Checklist Templates

Several types of lists including: to do checklist, Christmas shopping list, daily planner, grocery list, moving checklist and weekly planner.
Checklist Templates Daily Planner
Checklist Templates II Grocery List
Christmas List Moving Checklist
Christmas Shopping List Weekly Planner


free clipart

Free Clipart

Clipart in JPG, PNG and resizable SVG formats.

Accents Hearts II
Accents II Ornaments
Corners Ornaments II
Corners II Stars
Hearts Stars II