Wedding Program Template 8

Programs 1 designed for printing on pre-printed wedding program cover paper on standard 8 1/2" 11" letter size stock. These programs can be printed on both sides of the sheet and have a finished folded size of 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".

Available in Corel Draw, InDesign, Publisher and Word formats. You can easily customize these templates with you favorite fonts and wedding colors.

Fonts used in this program: Brush Script MT and Arial

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Wedding Program Template 8

Template 8 - Inside


Template 8 - Back

Template 8 - Back (blank right side of sheet is where the pre-printed wedding cover graphic would be shown). You can see and example of this type of paper at end of this page.


Download Wedding Program Template 8


Corel Draw

Corel Draw Version 7




Fonts for this Program

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